Wednesday, July 23, 2008


These magnets are embossed with tiny glass beads that are clear, so they take on the color of the picture underneath and create a shiny, mosaic-like appearance. I did the lady with the hat and then Ellie picked out the picture of the kids sitting down to dinner and helped me make the magnet. The pictures don't capture how shimmery they are, especially at night with an overhead light on. I love the old-fashioned look to the pictures and the beads, but the pictures underneath aren't brightly colored enough. Next I'm going to search for some bright pictures, but hopefully some that still have fancy, old-fashioned images.

These magnets are great because they are quick to do and the materials are so easy to find. Now I'm going to be saving every advertisement magnet I get!

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Pegeen said...

What a fun looking project. You should lead a craft workshop for little kids. Moms would love it.