Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tote bag

I finally finished the tote bag that I started in class. It took me soooooooooooo long. I cannot believe how long it took me. I've done a few tote bags before using roughly the same method and they didn't take me nearly as long. I have no idea why this seemed so endless.

I did work with interfacing for the first time and the extra cutting and ironing might have been part of it. I messed up the interfacing a bit and it was quite wrinkly, but I think I fixed it for the most part. The interfacing does definitely create a much nicer feel and look to the bag, so I will use it again. There's a pocket on the outside and the inside but no zipper. I think it will be a nice bag to take to the pool with towels and a book in it.

My next project is a quilt. After I did the pillows, I decided to make a matching quilt. It's going to be a very big, very EASY quilt with simple, big squares. I think it will still look cute, but it's not going to be intricate at all.