Friday, December 11, 2009

Sleeping bag for an 18-inch doll

I made a sleeping bag for Ellie's American Girl doll. You can buy a sleeping bag from them for $26 here:

American Girl sleeping bag for beaucoup bucks

Or you can make one from fabric you have on hand and $3 for some ribbon here:

Here are a couple of other pictures of the sleeping bag, including one with the lovely Julie enjoying it.


Aunt Lalie said...

Great job! Interesting, because I've been thinking about making a sleeping bag for a doll. Yours is much better than I could do. I like the use of the ribbon, too.

Lisa said...

Thank you! The ribbon shredded (which you can't see too well in the picture), so next time I would use a much sturdier or more fabric-y ribbon. But it's still cute.

Pegeen said...

I haven't checked this blog in a few months. Cute earrings, a gorgeous shade of blue. I did see the sleeping bag, and it is really adorable.