Sunday, August 24, 2008

New shoes

This is not as crafty as it is solution-to-a-problem-y.

I bought these shoes at the thrift store for $6. They are way cool shoes, even if Greg thinks they are too bowling-shoe looking. I still love them--they are imported from Italy and they are made with really nice, sturdy leather. And it was too cheap to pass up.

The only problem is that they don't fit me. They are too small, of course, for my size 10 clown feet. I bought them and tried walking around for awhile, but my toes were most certainly getting squished.

I considered going Cinderella's stepsister's route and cutting off my heels, but I decided to go a different way. I cut off the shoe's heels! Behold:

I think with black socks and long pants, no one will notice. And if people do notice and think it's weird that I hacked into my shoes, I don't care! My toes are no longer squished!

1 comment:

Pegeen said...

What about painting around the edges with black, or did you do that? I think it was a brilliant solution.