Thursday, June 5, 2008


Here she is!! She's possibly not totally done. If I want to really fix her up, she needs hair and a dress. But Ellie says she likes her better without hair. And with the crazy eyes that make her look like a cross between an alien and a Japanese cartoon, she might do just as well without hair.

This is my first attempt at a pretty poppet (in this case a not-so-pretty poppet), which is a doll created by a Craftster member named Ghilie. Ghilie was kind enough to send me really great instructions on how to make the poppet. I discovered that it's really freakin hard to find doll eyes and it's absolutely impossible to find freezer paper. So I had to improvise and make do and that, combined with my inexperience, made for a doll that is completely asymmetrical and kind crazy looking. Here she is again:

Her name is Luella. I had a whole backstory for her before she was done--she was a divorced mother of three who had recently gotten certified as a dental hygienist and was looking forward to starting fresh with her kids. But the thing I made doesn't look anything like a dental hygienist.

I'm going to make a new poppet as soon as I can find some freezer paper (off to Walmart). I started Luella yesterday while Ellie was at school and I finished at midnight but of course I had to stop a lot and do other things and I also had to make a few trips for supplies. So I think the next one won't take me as long.


Pegeen said...

I think your poppet is very cute, but as you say, not exactly a dental hygenist. How about she works in a toy store? Luella is a great name. What do you need freezer paper for? How does Ellie like her?

Lisa said...

Thank you! A toy store sounds good, but she'd have to work in an intergalactic toy store, since she's clearly some sort of alien. Ellie likes her and proudly showed her to Lauren, who just shrugged. Ellie hasn't played with her, though.

You are supposed to cut out the pattern on freezer paper and then iron it on the fabric to form a light bond and then sew around the freezer paper. It eliminates some steps as you are constructing the doll. It's not necessary, but I do think it would make it easier and would probably make the doll's arms and legs more symmetrical.

I've looked at Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Safeway, Walmart and Smart & Final. No one has it. I can find it online, so I might order it that way. But I would like to just go pick it up somewhere. Ugh!

Pegeen said...

Would kitchen parchment work? It comes on a roll and is papery.

Lisa said...

It won't work if it's not waxy. I'm going to try regular wax paper, but I think the difference is that freezer paper is thicker and heavier. Wax paper might be too flimsy to stay in place while I'm sewing. We'll see.

CelticMommy said...

The only place in Los Angeles that I found the freezer paper was Walmart... and totally by accident since I am never there. Maybe Kmart would have it with the Martha Stewart line... she makes plain items with her name anyway. Michaels? I mean, if you never find it, I'll mail you some! I already mailed half a roll to New Zealand for a friend who can't get it there... why not Northern CA?! :-) Hettie a.k.a. Celtic Mommy