Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anyone know a stylish octagenarian?

I tried to make one of those old-fashioned purses with the big pleated fronts but the dimensions just did not work and the interfacing I used was too light so it's flimsy. It looks like a big flowery adult diaper. I'm giving up and doing something fun and cute next to get my mojo back. Maybe more fabric painting. This was supposed to be a quick and easy project but I had some kind of block.

Update on 5/22/08: I discovered something today when I was reading about pleating at I've added a link to this blog in my list and you can read more. I found out that slippery fabrics are harder to pleat than crisp fabrics like cotton. I think my difficulty in pleating my purse was the choice of fabric. I'm going to try pleating again with a stiffer fabric.

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